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A blog created for the voiceless


Hello Beautiful People!

My Name is Georgina!


I created Unspoken Diary because I was sitting here reading my old diaries from childhood. I realized that a lot of things I felt has gone unsaid and unresolved. I hold a lot emotionally and writing was my way of letting it out. The only issue I have with that is, there was no one for me to talk to in order to sort through my experiences during those times. There are many going through similar things and I wanted to create a platform for people to express their feelings and get some help along the way. Join me in lifting each other up and letting those unspoken diaries be heard finally.

Dear Lily was inspired by a letter I wrote sharing my deep regret of not being able to protect someone I love dearly. I went into a deep depression for a long time just wanting them to know how much they mean to me. Today, I am happy to say that I was able to share with this person so much more and our relationship is still growing. On my website I have a blog called Dear Lily where people can write their own letter or express their feelings. It can be anonymous. I invite all of you to share your own experience, get help if you need and help others along the way.

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